SCADA System: The Definitive Guide

Before the SCADA system, plant personnel had to monitor and control industrial processes via selector switches, push buttons, and dials for analogue signals. 

This meant the plant had to maintain personnel on-site during production in order to control the processes.

As manufacturing grew and sites became more remote in nature, relays and timers were used to assist in the supervision and control of processes.

And for now, the SCADA system has taken over the process.

Read this article to know how the SCADA system is changing how industrial organizations monitor plants.

How Does the SCADA System Work?

scada system

SCADA is referring to Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition. It is a software application pro control where it consists of controllers network interface communication equipment and software.

But, where are SCADA systems used?

The system is used to monitor and control all of the activities that are relatable to industrial processes. This includes manufacturing, production and many more. 

The SCADA system will gather data and instruments from the remote area. Afterwards, it gives orders in order to alert that the leakage has happened while portraying the information-organized fashion.

To simplify, this system helps to monitor the environmental conditions such as small office buildings, systems for nuclear power plants or activity involving a municipal water system.

SCADA – Architecture

In Architecture scope, SCADA becomes the centralized system that monitors and controls the whole area. The system controls and runs completely for all processes occurring there.

Not just that, SCADA is also a system that allows the operators to change and record the set point of flow, enable the alarm and high temperature.

As for the hardware architecture, SCADA can be classified to Clint layer and Data server layer that mostly cater to the man-machine interaction indeed.

Meanwhile, for software architecture, SCADA is more to provide information to the servers.

For instance, scheduled maintenance procedure, logistic information and expert system troubleshooting guides. This means the plant is being controlled.

SCADA system is usually performed on:

Data Acquisitions – knowing the real time system that contains numerous components and sensors that measure things. 

For instance, measure the water flow from the tank and measure the value pressure of water release from the water reservoirs.

Data Communication – SCADA controls the communication network between the user and devices. It also transmitted the information that it had by using specific network protocols.

Information/ Data Presentation – Use a human machine interface to get information that has been monitored by humans. It will be displayed in the graphical pictures of the system.

Monitoring / Control – SCADA system operates each device using different switches to portray the status at the end of the process part. 

SCADA – Remote Industrial Plant

On the other side, SCADA is a remote industrial plant. It is more to monitor and control the processes and equipment such as water distribution, oil distribution and power distribution. 

SCADA system

SCADA will process real-time data while controlling the large scale of the industrial environment. The application is usually done for the remote industrial environment on:

• Power generation, transmission and distribution

• Water distribution and reservoir system

• Generators and turbines

• Traffic light control system 

• Public buildings such as electrical heating and cooling system

Thus, when SCADA systems combine with developments such as IT technologies, they are transforming as an integral part of plant systems.

It allows the maintenance personnel to produce data-driven more efficiently.


Progressive Impact technology Sdn Bhd (PITECH) is Bumiputera Company, where it focuses on areas such as:

Plant Information, Laboratory Information, Security Management Systems and Distributed Control Systems (DCS) Remote Terminal Unit (RTU).

It also becomes one of the main distributors for product and solutions to plant automation and water treatment management systems.

Thus, PITECH provides SCADA solutions to monitor and control the plant or equipment in industries. 

For instance, telecommunications, water and waste control, energy, oil, and gas refining and transportation.

How about the SCADA system from Pitech? 

SCADA system

The combination of HMI and SCADA system’s openness enable fast and efficient interfaces with any hardware and software.

HMI is operating and observing processes through SCAFA tasks, such as archiving data, trend analysis of recipe management.

If you are interested to know more details or have any inquiries, you may get in touch by contacting Pitech today.

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