The Future Of Renewable Energy In Malaysia Is Here

Sustainable energy is not a fantasy anymore.

A greener future is something you should look for because by 2030, we could see 20% of our electricity being generated with renewable energy.

You can read this article to understand more on how renewable energy is changing the game and making an impact. 

Let’s begin.

What Is Renewable Energy?

Renewable energy is energy produced from natural resources that continuously replenished and renewed.

For instance, sunlight, wind, rain, tides, geothermal heat and all various forms of biomass. 

renewable energy

When it comes to climate change, renewable energy such as solar and wind will become significant tools to prevent the rising of global warming by not releasing any carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases on earth. 

Save Energy, Save Money

Many corporations have been seen to purchase and install renewable generation resources on their properties through a long-term contract.

Have you ever wondered why plenty of businesses are starting to rely on renewable energy?

That is because it contains the environmental benefits and somehow, it saves the companies money too. Keep reading to know more about its advantages.

Reduced Energy Bills – depends on how much power capacity they install and their energy usage on solar panels, wind turbines and other forms of renewable energy for their operations.

Conservation From Price Fluctuations – having a business that owns its own generation resources helps you to forecast costs confidently.

Improve Energy Efficiency Initiatives – a business that aims to reduce energy use and save money usually will be pairing both renewable energy and energy efficiency together.

The Ability To Sell Energy To The Grid – if you sell renewable energy that is produced by your energy generation system to the grid, you may earn extra revenue that may help with offset cost of installing the solar panels.

Enhance Investor Confidence And Reputation Among Customers – investing in renewables proves to investors that your company is forward-thinking, and you will earn both good company’s reputation among the consumers.

Lessen Risk In The Long Run – switching to renewables aid you in reducing energy bills, helps in combat climate change and help your company save money as well too.

Less Global Warming, Less Hot

The occurrence of global warming is likely caused by human activities that overload the atmosphere with carbon dioxide, CO2 and other global warming emissions. 

The gaseous that collected on the air has become a trapping heat, which results in the rises on sea level, collection of harmful impacts, stronger and frequent storms and may reach to extinction as well.

However, with the presence of these renewable energy sources, it somehow would help to produce less carbon dioxide to no global warming emissions to the earth. 

Hence, by increasing the supply of renewable energy, it definitely would replace the carbon-intensive energy sources and markedly to diminish the unwanted global warming emission. 

Clean Air, Healthy Malaysia

It is a vital matter to understand the causes of air pollution in our country, Malaysia, in order for you to start rescuing the earth and restraining the pollution take place once again.

Knowing that fossil fuels is a non-renewable, people still keep burning fossil fuels to generate energy and electricity for the sake of their properties. 

When fossil fuels are releasing the harmful carbon particles to the air, it results in the imbalance of carbon levels in the earth. The imminent result is temperatures rising and making organisms unable to live longer due to polluted conditions.

This unhealthy air may likely be linked to a couple of medical problems, such as having difficulty in breathing, brain damage, heart attacks, cancer and many more. 

The use of renewable energy not only helps to restrain from upcoming medical issues but also reduce air pollution in some ways. 

Significantly, this renewable energy does not require any burning, thus there will be less carbon releasing into the air too.

Reliability and Resilience

Renewables depend on different kinds of weather conditions before they can generate electricity and it is often turned out to be uncontrollable by human beings. 

To provide reliable electric service to consumers, a significant expansion of energy storage must be built on more transmission lines to transport renewable power from rich geographic areas.

When it comes to the context of resilience, it points out to the capability of grid to resist and quickly recover from low to high impact events – for instance, extreme weather, strong storms and flood. 

Hence, it is significant to ensure a good studying and planning for resilience within the context of the renewable dominated electric grid: 

– Rising Physical Vulnerability

– Rising Reliance On Transmission And Distribution

– Widen Definition Of Extreme Events

– Climate Change

– Other Decarbonisation Goals

Read more on this South Dakota State University’s news about Maintaining reliability, resilience while integrating renewable energy.

Less Waste

The non-renewable resources are materials that are carried in the biosphere and the earth’s crust, which utilise only once, and are unable to re-created in human time scale. 

Some of non-renewable sources are fossil fuels, minerals, fossil groundwater and animal species. These resources either are consumed in the process or undergo irreversible change into a different form.

It stated that 75 to 80% of non-renewable resources are mostly utilised in the industrialized world are wasted and its consumption is insignificant, inefficient or can be replaced by a renewable source.

Some of the problems occurred due to waste of non-renewable resources are:

– Resource reduction

– Waste of resources

– Underutilized wastes

– Electric wastes

– Disposal of packaging waste

– Unsustainable energy consumption

Therefore, when you start switching to renewable resources, such as sun or wind, it is going to be far more effective at converting energy into electricity while keeping waste minimal.

20% Renewable Energy Use By 2025

According to The Energy, Science, Technology, Environment and Climate Change Ministry, Malaysia energy policy vision has been set to maximise the green industry in Malaysia by targeting to generate country’s electricity by 20% from renewable sources. 

The Malaysian’s Electricity Supply Industry (ESI) transformation programme may help to improve customer experience initiative and prompt the country to go forward.

Meanwhile, the recent total electricity production in Malaysia is calculated to be on an average of 24,000 MW at any one time. 

With the development of solar energy in Malaysia as a renewable energy source and equipped them on roofs, the nation’s may potentially generate more than the total electricity in the country.

She also believes the renewable energy in the present may reach to the great parity in electricity storage along with technology in a short period. 

The current renewable energy may boost the competitive spirit and make us become a first mover in the region, which not only supply the electricity in Malaysia but also empower us to do the business outside of Malaysia too.

Non-Renewable Energy Is Non-Renewable

Non-renewable energy comes from sources that will utilise only once, and unable to replenish in the lifetime. All fossil fuels are formed in identical ways but they are produced in different forms.

– Coal

– Petroleum

– Natural gas

– Other renewable energy sources; nuclear energy and biomass energy

When the organisms such as plants, algae and plankton in ancient wetlands died, they would drift to the bottom of sea or lake while there is still energy storing together with them.

By this, the dead organisms would survive to remain on the earth and eventually turn them into fossil fuels. In the meantime, there are enormous reservoirs of these non-renewable sources of energy located all over the world.

On the other hand, having 100% pollution-free and produced from renewable sources such as sun, wind and water seems like a better way to live on. 

So, do you want to switch to renewable energy?

If you’ve decided to obtain clean energy and save our earth with renewable energy, then you are coming in the right place. Pitech is the best option that may help you with that.  

Pitech Group

Progressive Impact technology Sdn Bhd (PITECH) is 100% Bumiputera’s company. PITECH covers several automation segments, and one of them is general & renewal energy.

Pitech’s solar power interconnection renewable energy offer:

– Remote Terminal Unit

– Switch gear

– Control Relay Panel

– Cable & Fibre Interconnection

– Power Plant Controller

– Scada System

– Inverter

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