RTU SCD6000 Key Features

The Foxboro Evo™ SCD6000 is a multi-nodal RTU with advanced data integration, time synchronization and programming capabilities. Its primary slave interfaces are provided with DNP3 slave (TCP/IP and serial) and IEC61850 client protocols. The SCD6000 IEC61850 gateway uses these protocols to integrate with multiple remote master control centers. The unit incorporates advanced configuration tools, diagnostic tools and graphical user interface (GUI). A distributed architecture allows use in the full spectrum of applications, from small single-device station configurations to redundant power supply, processor and I/O systems with redundant (duplicated and path diverse) communications networks. Electric power transmission and distribution:

      • Oil and gas — including transportation and production, power-related gas turbine generation
      • Power — including utilities, substation automation, grid networks, smart grid infrastructure development
      • Mining
      • Easy to use graphical user interface for proven, platform-independent diagnostic tools


    • High availability and diversity in electric power substation architectures via distributed processing
    • Highly scalable I/O
    • Efficient power system expansion using SCD5200/RTU50 installations based on continued expansion of OptoNet networks
    • Easy upgrade and replacement of CPUs in existing electrobus racks without refactoring, rewiring or replacingextensive IO subsystem
    • Optonet (Link to other RTU)
    • Easy expansion, upgrading and repair without having to reengineer or recommission affected power system

User Interface

    • SCD6000 IEC 61850 gateway that inherits the IEC 61850 gateway functionality of the compact SCD5200 RTU, and provides more dynamic RAM for a higher concentration of IEC 61850 IEDs
    • Upgraded and extended configuration tools to provide efficiencies in engineering, system maintenance, and configuration management
    • Key integration of CPU, OptoNet, power supply, and dual Ethernet into main processor board (COPE) to provide compact single module for specialized communications, local networking, applications
    • Interconnection of up to 63 SCD6000s on OptoNet ring
    • Backward compatibility of OptoNet via Foxboro Evo™RTU50, allowing for mix of older RTU50/SCD5200 cardfiles with newer SCD6000 cardfile
    • Distributed architecture
    • Compact multi-chassis CPU arrangements


      • DNP3 / IEC 60870-5-101,103,104
      • Modbus TCP
      • SFP connectivity DNP, IEC 60870-101, 104, Modbus interfaces
      • WISP+ telecontrol protocol support
      • IEC 61850 client data mapping for electrical substation monitoring

Data management

      • Real-time database:
        • Intrinsic data functions: high-speed, event-driven preconfigured functionality, often used for implicit conversions of I/O information
        • Calculations: allows programming of up to 3 calculation tasks, each written as a state machine or procedural logic using dedicated state and logic language [SALL]
        • OptoNet interface: provides most unit functionality, supporting transparent transmission of real-time database from node to node
        • IEC 61580 client stack: separate stack process allows IEC 61850 client services to operate
        • IEC 61580 server stack: separate stack process allows IEC61850 server services to operate
      • Database sizes up to 20,000 distributed points
      • Ability to accept incoming data, record changes in any change-driven protocol stacks with a time-based comparison; database supported by flash-based file system at startup and runtime
      • Global database over multiple connected node


Complete set of diagnostic interfaces:

      • Allows both remote and local diagnostic tools to establish secure connection with unit at any time
      • Enables multiple files to be downloaded and used as current, past or future intended running configurations, via onboard flash file workspace
      • Permits remote reset and restart with a new or test configuration


      • Password protection on any TCP/IP or serial port to restrict end user access; passwords assigned for individual users and common roles such as maintainer, browser, superuser


      • Runtime replaceable battery
      • Compliance to electric power standards for EMC and voltage isolation