• High availability and diversity in electric power substation architectures via distributed processing
    • Highly scalable I/O
    • Efficient power system expansion using SCD5200/RTU50 installations based on continued expansion of OptoNet networks
    • Easy upgrade and replacement of CPUs in existing electrobus racks without refactoring, rewiring or replacingextensive IO subsystem
    • Optonet (Link to other RTU)
    • Easy expansion, upgrading and repair without having to reengineer or recommission affected power system

HU_BI Key Features

Saitel is a highly-evolved field device, offering a solid and powerful platform for data acquisition, communication, automation and IED integration, including backplane and DIN rail based solutions. As a remote terminal unit, bay controller or protocol converter, Saitel is the compact solution to countless applications installed in demanding electromagnetic conditions. In addition to the traditional input/output (I/O) management, Saitel acts as a powerful communication gateway, an advanced measurement center and a fast automation processor. 
Based upon an extendable distributed architecture and featuring enhanced functionality and power, Saitel Family offers:

    • The ability to monitor and control thousands of I/O points.
    • Operational redundancy for power supply, CPU, communications channels, or for the entire system (supporting automatic failover with hot-swap).
    • Extensive library of standard and legacy protocols for information exchange between multiple masters and RTU.
    • Input/Output acquisition modules with signal conditioning and integrated time synchronization (1 ms) and independent time stamping.
    • IEC 61850 technology that is certified as Class A by the independent testing laboratory KEMA for both IEC 61850 server and client interfaces.
    • Cybersecurity features and functions can support a utility’s NERC Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP) compliance.