Key Advantages

The SCD5200 model from Foxboro unites functions and advantages of the RTU50 series from Foxboro at higher level of communications, integration and technical configuration. The modern graphic interface of the user is equipped with reliable tools of diagnostics at simultaneous preservation of independence of a platform of these means. Updating and expansion of tools of a configuration for increase of efficiency of engineering works, maintenance of system and management of a configuration is similarly carried out. Key feature of SCD5200 is integration of a CCP, the OptoNet technologies, the power supply unit and two ports Ethernet within a payment of the central processor (COPE). It creates the uniform compact module for specialized communications, creation of a local network and appendices. The distributed architecture allows to use all range of opportunities: from configurations of stations of small separate devices to redundant power supplies, processors and systems of input-output with redundant (duplicated and branched out) communication networks.


The distributed data processing for ensuring high readiness and a variety of architecture of electric substations Highly reliable work under the influence of various temperatures and electric hindrances

        • Protocols of interfaces: DNP, IEC 60870-101, 104, Modbus
        • WISP + support of the protocol of telecontrol
        • Display of data of the client according to IEC 61850 for monitoring of electric substations
        • The distributed architecture
        • Compact multiblock CCP
        • The world database about various connected knots
        • Wide use of optical interfaces
        • Compliance to the standards accepted in power industry for the purpose of ensuring electromagnetic compatibility and isolation of tension
        • Database size: to 20 000 distributed points