Why didn’t we see this trip/incident coming?

The above question could be the persistent challenge that your plant operation team may face. If the plant operations team can be alerted to process issues before alarm goes off, resources can be allocated to address the issue and activities can be prioritized appropriately. 

Sounds simple yet the team frequently struggles! 

Good news for you, the solution for that would be called as Dynamic Risk Analyzer™ (DRA) 

In brief, DRA is a tool which enables your plant to identify potential process failure way before alarm is triggered, hence benefits the plant as follows;

      • Reduces Unplanned Shutdowns
      • Improves Process Safety & Reliability
      • Boosts Operating Team productivity
DRA technology analyses the complete volume of process data (obtained from DCS historian or PIMS) and identifies critical nuggets, called hidden near-misses, which are precursors of potential failures. This enables the operating team to advert problems just when they are beginning to form, and plan predictive maintenance. Features;
      • Detects process issues, typically days and weeks before humans or alarms can
      • Equips operation teams with peripheral vision
      • Delivers leading indicators autonomously for the morning team meetings (tool box / stand-up meetings).