SAITEL DP Key Features

In addition to its power and application versatility, the subCAT offers:

      • Modularity and reduced maintenance costs – Modularity is one of the 2000DP’s most unique features.
      • The processor, input/output (I/O) and communication modules have identical housings.
      • The hot-swappable, modular design allows for a unit to be assembled and modified as quickly and simply as possible.
      • Modularity maximizes flexibility while allowing a common hardware to reduce capital costs. Modularity also allows repairs to be completed quickly and simply, keeping operational downtime to an absolute minimum.
      • The data acquisition subsystem is based on the Profibus-DP serial field bus to support flexible configurations and allow for the integration of any type of Profibus-DP compatible hardware.
      • High processing capability – 2000DP offers high processing capability using a 32-bit 50 Mhz Motorola® PowerPC® RISC microprocessor and a realtime, multitasking OS.
      • Its impressive processing power can run sophisticated automation applications with uncompromising performance.
      • Easy configuration – The 2000DP comes with most advanced software tools to simplify troubleshooting, repair and configuration.
      • configuration tool makes it easy to analyse or configure applications and hardware. The Saitel 2000DP is fully adapted to modern communication systems.


The 2000DP is a flexible high-end data acquisition and processing platform. With exceptional availability, the 2000DP provides operational redundancy for power supply, CPU, communications channels, or for the entire system (supporting automatic failover with hot-swap). Enhanced computing power and expandability enable the 2000DP to manage the demanding and data-intensive applications of substations. 

Based upon an extendable distributed architecture that employs a series of intelligent modules, and featuring enhanced functionality and power, 2000DP offers:

      • The ability to monitor and control a great number of substation Intelligent Electronic Devices (lED) and thousands of I/O points. The 2000DP offers exceptional integration capabilities.
      • The flexibility to build a reliable, robust and highly-scalable system, capable of handling the most demanding requirements for the smallest substation to the largest transmission stations.
      • Once in place, expansion, reconfiguration and maintenance of the 2000DP are cost effective and efficient.
      • The processing capability to run sophisticated automation applications, such as Programmable Logic Control, with uncompromising performance.