Progressive Impact Technology Sdn Bhd
ABOUT Our Company
Progressive Impact Technology Sdn Bhd ("PITECH") was incorporated on 14 May 1992.

PITECH specific areas of interest are in Plant Information, Laboratory Information, Security Management Systems and Distributed Control Systems (DCS)/ Remote Terminal Unit (RTU).
PITECH owns 51% interest in Foxboro (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd jointly with Invensys Systems, Inc., a global leader in the field of automation, electronics and control engineering. Its synergy with Invensys has enable PITECH to offer to its clients well tested range of products with world wide coverage. PITECH has multinational client base and is able to provide global technological, Research & Development support.
PITECH has RM 5.0 Million authorized Capital and paid up capital amounts to RM 5.0 Million. It holds both the MOF Licence and Petronas Licence.
Progressive Impact Technology's core business is providing technology solution Remote Terminal Units (RTU) which is mainly used in TNB substations. RTU is used to monitor and control the performance of TNB substations remotely and to transmit critical signal such as failure or trip, to the Control Centre (NLDC).

Progressive Impact is using Foxboro technology for its RTU Application. The relationship between Progressive Impact and Foxboro has been a long way since 1992.

Progressive Impact has in the past supplied more than 200 Foxboro RTUs to TNB. Among the RTU contracts awarded to us in the past by TNB and which we have completed within the contracted time period are as follows:-
  • Design, Supply, Install and Commission TNB Transmission NLDC 160 Units of Foxboro RTU
  • Design, Supply, Install and Commission TNB Distribution 32 Units of Foxboro RTU for Melaka and Negeri Sembilan.
  • Other various TNB Sites Installation for TNB Transmission and Distribution.
Our Foxboro RTUs which we have supplied to TNB has fully met all TNB RTU Certification Requirement, and have been reliable and operate well in TNB substations. Given that we are a local company, we are in a position to provide very strong technical support and after sales service to TNB as has been proven in the past 7 years. Major portion of the work (above 70%) i.e. design, engineering, testing, installation and commissioning are done by us in Malaysia.

In 2006, Progressive Impact has been awarded the TNB Distribution Southern RTU Project through Open Bid process. The project had been completed successfully due to its understanding, commitments and compliance to the critical success factor.The project scope is to design, supply, install, test and full commission of 1500 RTU's for Southern Region Substations. This project is a very important and strategic for TNB in order for TNB to improve its efficiency, customer satisfaction and to be able to be benchmarked against other World Class utility operator.

Progressive Impact has so far completed successfully TNB RTU projects due to its understanding and compliance to the critical success factor. The critical success factor that always been adopted by Progressive Impact in all its RTU project implementation are:
  • Supply of reliable and well tested (TNB Certified/SIRIM certified) RTUs;
  • Field Proven of RTU in TNB Substations in Malaysia is a critical factor to avoid technical risk;
  • On time delivery and implementation of the project;
  • Solid local technical support and after sales service;
Our Vision

To be a world class business organization focusing on high technology, control and automation business and continuous improvement that shall benefit mankind